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Improving Improvement

A toolkit for Engineering Better Care



This toolkit was inspired not only by the Engineering Better Care report, but also by the extended team of people who have continued to work on the development and application of a systems approach to health and care improvement.

The Royal Academy of Engineering working group, David Bogle, John Dean, Mark Tooley, Louella Vaughan, Emma Adams, Peter Dudgeon, Penny Pererira, Philippa Shelton and Alexandra Smyth, have provided valuable guidance on the emerging toolkit and organised a healthcare QI community launch event in October 2019. The Royal College of Physicians, Academy of Medical Sciences and Royal College of Anaesthetists have also supported the development of this toolkit.

The University of Cambridge Engineering Design Centre team, James Ward, Alexander Komashie, Asli Gunay, Ian Hosking, Guillaume Lamé, Tom Bashford, Nicholas Boddy, Chris Christou, Joseph Masters, Daniel Stubbs, Katharina Kohler, Carrie Bedingfield, Eugenia O’Kelly, Sam Waller and Diana Probst, have been tireless in their support of the drafting process and in applying the principles of Engineering Better Care to a range of local and global challenges. The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), Health Foundation, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Marie Curie, THIS Institute and Wellcome Trust and have contributed to the funding of the Cambridge research team. In addition, the University has provided seed funding to establish an Engineering Better Care centre at Cambridge University Hospitals to facilitate close collaboration with clinical service providers.


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