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Improving Improvement

A toolkit for Engineering Better Care


Quick Start Guide

This toolkit uses an Improvement Model to highlight the most important elements of the improvement process.

This model underpins the stage gates of an Improvement Programme.

For each of these stage gates, a Stage Plan is used to determine the questions and activities that are required to achieve the stage deliverables.

Quick Start Process

The following steps describe a systems-based approach for planning an improvement process, supporting small-scale or system-wide change, as well as rapid decision making.

Step 1: Use a Stakeholder Map to identify users and other system stakeholders (p1-58);

Step 2: Use a Stakeholder Influence grid to characterise these stakeholders (p1-59);

Step 3: Use an Improvement Canvas to capture the team’s current knowledge about the system and agree the scope of the change required (p1-73);

Step 4: Use the Stage Plan to define the outputs that will be needed to progress to the next stage of the improvement programme (p1-76);

Step 5: Use the Questions Map poster to identify the Improvement Questions that would help to deliver the outputs required (p1-75);

Step 6: Use the Stage Activities poster to identify the improvement activities that would help deliver the outputs required (p1-77);

Step 7: Update the Stage Plan to schedule these questions and activities.

Repeat steps 1-7 to deliver the outputs for this stage of the improvement programme.


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